From the Hives

of the Burrs and the Bees Come


I have a limited supply of nucs for sale each June. Please call early to reserve your order. Most nucs have not been overwintered; but, have been created from splits from strong over wintered hives. Newly mated queens have been introduced.
The Burrs and the Bees
From the hives of The BURRS and the BEES
I normally do not supply temporary (or travelling) nuc boxes; but, require that you arrive with your deep brood chamber (plus six frames) and bottom and top boards, so you can move four frames from my nuc boxes (see pictures). I prefer to do this in your presence, so you can see what you are getting and I can explain it all to you. Prices as of January 1 2022 will be $230 per four frame nuc For new beekeepers wishing to start with extracted frames in all 10 frames of the brood chamber, I can sell an additional 6 deep frames at $6.00 each that are already fully extracted. All hives will have been inspected and I will have a permit in accordance with the OMAFRA rules. Call 519-822-1115 or Email Terry Here