From the Hives of the Burrs and the Bees Come


The Burrs and the Bees
From the hives of The BURRS and the BEES
I normally do not supply temporary (or travelling) nuc boxes; but, require that you arrive with your deep brood chamber (plus six frames) and bottom and top boards, so you can move four frames from my nuc boxes (see pictures). I prefer to do this in your presence, so you can see what you are getting and I can explain it all to you. For Prices please contact me. See contact information below. For new beekeepers wishing to start with extracted frames in all 10 frames of the brood chamber, I can sell additional deep frames that are already fully extracted. All hives will have been inspected and I will have a permit in accordance with the OMAFRA rules. Full Hives I also have a limited supply of established single brood chamber hives for sale for $400.00 each. Each hive includes a screened bottom board, a single brood chamber with a queen and 10 frames with bees pollen and honey, a queen excluder, a medium honey super with 9 extracted frames, an inner cover and an outer cover. Interested ? / Have Questions ? Call 519-822-1115 or Email Terry Here
I have a limited supply of nucs for sale each June. Please call early to reserve your order. Most nucs have not been overwintered; but, have been created from splits from strong over wintered hives. Newly mated queens have been introduced.